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Quality vinyl decals

We only use top quality branded vinyl that is appropriate to the product we are suppling. The 2 main types of vinyl we use are permanent and removable. As the names suggest the main difference between the two is the strength of the adhesive used to adhere the decal.

Permanent vinyls are available in gloss and some colours are available in matt finish they have an external life expectancy of 5-8years lasting considerably longer indoors. This material is suitable for most applications where durability and resistance to scratching and fading is required.

Fluorescent vinyl has a 2 year external lift expectancy making it the most durable fluorescent vinyl available. It is available in 3 day glow colours Orange,yellow and green.

colour Chart

Removable vinyl is matt in appearance and has a 5 year exterior life span again lasting considerably longer indoors. This material is particularly suited to wall graphics applied to walls as the sticker can be remover without damaging the wall surface.

Our cutter are supplied by Graphtec and the quiality is evident in the precision of the cut.
We never put profit in front of quality, quality in our product and service is what keeps our customers returning to us


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